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Thank you to everyone in the media industry for covering O’ahu Fringe Festival. We truly appreciate the support and the sharing of our event with the community. Fringe 2019 is upon us and we do welcome queries about our Fringe. You can connect with us on our contact page.

Press Kit

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Fringe Acts Photos and Press Releases

Photos and Press Release for each production will be available soon on their individual sites. Please click on the following links for each show to access their promotional materials.

B is for Body

B is Body

Black Magic

Black Magic

body electric 3.1

body electric 3.1



CYPHER: Homecoming

CYPER: Homecoming

Dr.Dodgy's Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus

Dr. Dodgy's...

How to Really, Really? REALLY! Love a Woman

How to really, really...

Mama Ensemble II: The Motherload

Mama Ensemble II...

My Wedding Dress

My Wedding Dress


Shadows Dance with...

The Black Reds

The Black Reds


The Man from A.S.L


The Three Monks

The White Rabbit Lost in Chinatown

The White Rabbit Lost...

Thoughts on the Size of the Universe

Thoughts on the Size...

Two Women Drinking Wine Talking About Murder

Two Women Drinking...

Media Archives

Click on the links below for media coverage on previous Fringe Festival.

Fringe 2019

Design Talk Hawaiʻi

"Fringe itself is a great combination area for artists to try new things… theatre, dance, aerial.. basically what ever you want to do, to tell your story. Artist do their regular thing and this is a chance to break out and do new things."

Hawaiʻi Public Radio

Hitting the Stage

Design Talk Hawaiʻi


Fringe 2017


"I believe what these acts have to offer is worthwhile, and I think creating an artistic platform for them to showcase their work is something worthwhile to share."

Travel Magazine

Hawaiʻi Public Radio - The Conversation

Hawaiʻi Public Radio - Noe Tanigawa

Honolulu Magazine

Honolulu Advertiser

HNL Flow

HNL Flow - Tips

Fringe 2015


"The Oahu Fringe Festival brings its array of zany, offbeat and original performing arts to six venues in Chinatown and Kakaako next week."

Hawaiʻi Webblog

“This proximity also encourages audiences to venture out and see other acts they may not necessarily see at these venues.”

Frolic Hawaiʻi @ Next Door

Frolic Hawaiʻi @ Kaka'ako Agora

Hawaii Business Podcast

Honolulu Flow

TEDx Honolulu

Think Tech Hawaiʻi

Huffington Post

Hawaiʻi Aloha Travel

Hawaiʻi Public Radio

Fringe 2013

Hitting The Stage

"Good point, Nicole. Thank you. When I first came to Hawai‘i and saw all of the energy and people doing things, I approached Tim Bostock and suggested that he start a fringe festival because Hawai‘i is a great place and there are so many interesting folks here doing all kinds of stuff."

Honolulu Pulse

“The energy of the art community and the wider community in supporting the arts was very uplifting..."


The Off Setter

Frolic Hawaiʻi

In Real Life Hawaii

Hawaiʻi Public Radio – Chris Vandercook

Hawaiʻi Public Radio – Noe Tanigawa

Hawaiʻi Weblog

Hawaiʻi Aloha


And we were mentioned in the November issue of JetStar Magazine

Fringe 2012

Hitting The Stage – Fringe Spotlights

"We not only love theatre, we also love clowning, puppetry, music, and have a real fondness for pole dancing. You, too, can see all of the above—and more—at this year’s O‘ahu Fringe Festival..."


"Uncensored," "original" and "rapid-fire": The Second Annual O‘ahu Fringe Performing Arts Festival aims to be this and more, bringing together artists and performers for an eclectic weekend filled with spoken word, puppetry and pole-dancing."

Hitting The Stage – Fringe Benefits

Honolulu Weekly

Fringe 2011

Hawaiʻi Weblog

But “The Fringe” is so big, it has inspired separate festivals in other cities, including over a dozen across the U.S. And in November, Honolulu will be among those hosting “a performing-arts smörgåsbord.”

Hawaiʻi Star

Hawaiʻi Independent

Fringe Bites

Hawaiʻi Public Radio

"I experienced something different, new, unexpected." 2015 Audience.



Melissa Chang from Hawaii IRL: In Real Life chats with Samadhi Hawaii prior to their Fringe 2013 show.