What's Up With That Bro Podcast

The first live recording of the What's Up With That Bro Podcast. Does the show Lost make sense backwards? Comedians AJ Nieves, Chad Wago, and David K Jones are watching the entire series of Lost in reverse order to answer that question and raise many more. Chad's never seen Lost and is so confused. It's great.

Buy Tickets: Jan 14

Venue: Ong King Arts Center

Date: Jan 14

Time: 730pm

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Comedy Podcast

Warnings: Obscene Languages, Spoilers for the show Lost

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AJ Nieves is a comedian, husband, and reigning Think Fast Improv brownie champion. He began his comedy journey three years ago. AJ's is committed to stopping animals that break the law and is looking forward to volunteering for Animal Crime Stoppers Honolulu. Tweet him @anieves003

Chad Wago is a Honolulu-based stand-up comedian, improviser, podcaster, writer, actor, and comedy show producer. He has opened for comics such as Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, Doug Stanhope, Tim Heidecker, and Neil Hamburger. In addition to stand-up comedy, his improv team It's Not Wolves performed at the Improvaganza festival in 2015. Wago is also a writer and actor on OC16's Almost Local. Tweet him @Chad_Wago

David K Jones loves you. He loves improv comedy. He loves Lost (mostly). David loves making weird things for people to enjoy. He also loves ice cream. Tweet him @dkjcomedy

Fringe 5 Questions

Whatʻs Up with That, Bro? - David K. Jones

Fringe 5 Questions by Carlynn Wolfe

Who is going to get Jorge Garcia to sit in?
The fans are! Tweet him @JorgeGarcia

What is a LOST fan called? A Lostie?
They're called "People That Should Be Listening To Our Podcast" or "PTSBLTOPs"

Where do you usually broadcast from?
We broadcast from Someplace Classy, the secret headquarters of Think Fast Improv. We made a bunch of videos about it here.

When did the podcast start?
We started the podcast in December, we wanted to make sure a good 6 and a half years had passed since the show was relevant.

Why is this necessary?
Chad's journey through this show will unlike anything that anyone else has experienced before and we all need to witness it. Watching a show backwards is hard enough, but for a show as bonkers as LOST is really the most interesting thing you can do for an hour each week. We've really been able to deconstruct how storytelling (and smoke monsters) work.

Bonus – How will this make me feel?
Like Chad, Iʻm one of the few people on the planet who have not seen the show. It'll make you a little confused, a little frustrated, but mostly it'll make you want to watch LOST and become a PTSBLTOP.

Ong King Arts Centre