Aloha, as an all volunteer organized Fringe, our mission is to promote the development of original work in the performing arts in theatre, music, dance and all performance related art by emerging and professional artists, and to present a provocative multicultural arts festival unique to Hawai’i. And we do this for the love of the arts and to contribute to the artistic landscape and to making Hawai’i a Fringe Festival destination. So go on, be original in Hawai’i.

Fringe 2019 was held in January and it was our 6th season! Our next event is slated for 2021. More details will be available when our dates are confirmed.

(Above video is with Melissa Chang from NonStop, 2015)

Our very first O‘ahu Fringe Festival took OFF in November 2011, and was held in the arts district of Chinatown Honolulu. It was very exciting to see our first one take flight. This was a special occasion as we made history and became part of the world wide fringe festival family in Honolulu. Fringe shows were held at: The Creative, Dragon Upstairs, Kaka'ako Agora, Loading Zone, Next Door, The ARTS at Marks Garage, Ong King Art Center, and at Aloha Dancesport Centre. Delighted with our first baby steps we jump started and have continued on this fringey journey.

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Fringe 2017

Yes, to reach our 5th season was a wonderful milestone. Check out the following link for more on Fringe 2017.

Fringe Past

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Fringe Extras

There are a number of online resources that can assist you with your visit to Hawai’i. As a starting point, please visit the below links of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA).

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For information on the creative industry of Hawai’i, please visit:

Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts - Hawaii Creative Industries

For information on the arts district of Honolulu, please visit:

The ARTS at Marks Garage - First Friday Hawaii - Chinatown Now

The arts district is located in Chinatown Honolulu of where Fringe is held in a number of venues. Please follow this link to read about the history of Chinatown Honolulu.