Using an overhead projector, & a laptop stage, Storyteller Jeff Gere tells tales with shadow puppets (using all kinds of cut-outs & collages). Italian folktales, Arabian Night tales, an odd Jewish tales, & Chinese ghost tales all come out of the dark to dance before you. In the end, they fade away, just like a story. It is a rare pleasure to see shadows dance with words. Jeff is just back from tours in Taiwan & Japan. Stories most suitable for older children (and parents.)

Though this is a Family Friendly show, the tales are best suited to older children & their parents. Folktales are often sophisticated ways to speak of life, and often use odd & troubling characters & situations which can be violent. Parental Supervision is suggested.

Buy Tickets: Jan 13 @ 2pm

Venue: The ARTS at Marks Garage. 1159 Nu'uanu Ave

Date/Time: Jan 13 @ 2pm

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Shadow Puppets

Warnings: PG 10+ . And young kids have enjoyed the images regardless of the tale.

More info: Jeff Gere


Born on Halloween, Jeff Gere blends talents as painter, puppeteer, and mime into shows which have electrified audiences in Hawaii (and beyond) of every age for thirty years. Jeff's animated physical energy, wide range of voices, morphing elastic face and clear characterizations make his shows unforgettable events. Jeff becomes his stories!

As the Drama Specialist for Oahu's Parks Department, Jeff directed the Talk Story Festival, Hawaii’s biggest storytelling celebration (26 year). Jeff hosted/created Talk Story Radio, a weekly Pacific storytelling show (2 years on Hawaii Public Radio). His 'Story TV' aired monthly story shows (1990-2014). Jeff’s made ten CDs (many awards) and two DVDs. Retired to end 2014, Jeff has toured internationally to Thailand, China, Japan, twice to India & Romania, and three times to Taiwan.

He produced a national Talk Story Conference (Waikiki, ’09) and 3 Talk Story Beach Camps. He received an Oracle Award (National Storytelling Network ’07) He told to 2,000 for 12 minutes in a circus tent (2010 National Storytelling Festival, Tennessee), & was in residence there too (Aug. 2013). He’s also performed in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Arctic Canada, Spain, Turkey, Guam, and Samoa. He tours Hawaii annually and Oahu continually. His 'Spooky' show (with Honolulu Theater for Youth) ran a month in their theater (October '12) with shadow puppets, which is normal for Jeff.

Jeff's repertoire is voluminous. His Arabian Nights Series, with 2 musicians and a belly dancer, ran 18 packed months in a hip Honolulu Chinatown bar. Jeff tells annually to 7,000 Oahu Summer Fun Park kids (& shadow puppets since 1980.) Commissions include Japanese Immigration to Hawaii (2013), Egyptian mythology (Yo Paraoh), and 'Van Gogh's Ghost'. His collaborative ‘Art Off the Wall” Series interpreted exhibits in The Contemporary Museum for 3 years. More at


The ARTS at Marks Garage