How to Really, Really? Really? Love a Woman

From the ancient goddess cults to the Vagina monologues, humanity has sought how to honor the portal of life. Fringe Favorite Eleanor O'Brien (GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies, Lust & Marriage) gives us a hilarious (and informative!) how-to on what makes the pussy purrrrrrr......

Buy Tickets: Jan 10 @ 1030pm, Jan 11 @ 1030pm

Venue: The ARTS at Marks Garage. 1159 Nu'uanu Ave

Date/Time: Jan 10 @ 1030pm, Jan 11 @ 1030pm

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Comedy

Warnings: Adults Only, Sexual Content, Discussion of Cunnilingus

More info: Dance Naked Productions


Eleanor O’Brien is the artistic director of Dance Naked Productions, a theater company dedicated to creating sex-positive theater. She has toured and performed her two solo shows GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies and Lust & Marriage to international acclaim, and is the creator of the the Inviting Desire series, ensemble productions that include A Theatrical Aphrodisiac, Lubricate Your Libido, Pleasure, Permission, Possibility...and The Dawn of Sex. She has produced the community cabarets What Is Erotic?, Revelations and Sex We Can! She is the founder of the sex-positive theater festival Come Inside.



The ARTS at Marks Garage