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Fringe Venues:

Next Door
43 Hotel Street

Sun Yat Sen Park
1100 Bethel Street

Queen Emma Ballet
1317 Queen Emma Street
(not wheelchair accessible) 

Ong King Arts Center
1154 Fort Street Mall

The ARTS at Marks Garage
1159 Nu'uanu Ave


B is for Body

B is for BODY explores the humor, the wonder and the joy attached to moving bodies. Come and see how somatic function leads to funky and alluring form through a series of vignettes highlighting diverse movement potential, all the while pushing boundaries about how bodies can move and communicate.

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Jan 10 @ 9pm

Jan 12 @ 9pm

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CYPHER: Homecoming

CYPHER is an evening-length production that embraces the dance circle as a space for HUEMan connection, celebration and expression. We also honor our ancestors in the dance circle, and hope to inspire collective growth through grounding and healing.

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Jan 11 @ 9pm

Jan 12 @ 730pm

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Dr.Dodgy's Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus

Machines, manipulations, magic and more! Join Dr.Dodgy as he regales you with tales of his travels through the universe in search of the meaning of life. Punctuated with circus tricks and enhanced with Augmented Reality. This is the one show where you are encouraged to take pictures! Visit to download the app before coming to the show!

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Jan 11 @ 9pm. Next Door

Jan 13 @ 330pm. ARTS at Marks

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Mama Ensemble II: The Motherload

Choreography and compositional improvisation created in loving reflection of our children and the mess, the overload, and the terrific realities of motherhood. Produced by the original Mama Ensemble cast and this year featuring new dancer mothers spanning more dance genres, and even a couple of dads. Adaptive choreography and improvisational structures designed for performance in a black box space, but rehearsed in the inspiring mayhem of play dates at playgrounds and studios all over Honolulu.

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Jan 10 @ 6pm

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My Wedding Dress

If you like storytelling, you’re going to love this woman’s recounting of how she turned a lacy wedding dress into a lifetime of antics, laughter and celebration. Listen as she shares her adventures of how she celebrates her wedding anniversary every year.

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Jan 10 @ 6pm

Jan 11 @ 730pm

Jan 12 @ 6pm

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Storyteller Jeff Gere tells tales with shadow puppets (using all kinds of cut-outs & collages). Italian folktales, Arabian Night tales, some odd Jewish tales, Chinese ghost tales all come out of the dark to dance before you, before fading away, in the end, like a story.

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Jan 13 @ 2pm

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Have American Sign Language, will travel. A language is born to be seen!

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Jan 12 @ 730pm

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