Dr. Dodgy's Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus

Machines, manipulations, magic and more! From far beyond the Ort cloud comes a circus like no other. Powered by imagination and steam, Dr. Dodgy’s Intergalactic-Auto Mechanical Circus blends Big Top tricks and Augmented Reality to bring you wonders from the outer edge of the universe. Inspired by encounters on his search for the meaning of life, Dr. Dodgy and his machinations have crafted an experience to tickle the fancy of adults and children alike. Be prepared when his rocket ship touches down in your home town, by downloading the app and bringing your handheld communicators (iphone/android/compatible device) to the show. For a full list of compatible devices and how to get the app visit www.DrDodgy.com. During the performance certain elements will ONLY be visible with the app, though the show can be enjoyed without the augmented reality enhancement. Bring a friend and see circus in a whole new way.

Buy Tickets: Jan 11 @ 9pm. Next Door. Jan 13 @ 330pm. ARTS at Marks

Venue: Jan 11, Next Door - 43 Hotel Street. Jan 13, The ARTS at Marks Garage - 1159 Nu'uanu Ave

Date/Time: Jan 11 @ 9pm, Next Door. Jan 13 @ 330pm, The ARTS at Marks Garag

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Augmented Reality Circus

Warnings: Family Friendly. 8+

More info: Dr. Dodgy's Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus

Fringe Questions

Dr. Dodgy'sIntergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus - Andrew Towl

Fringe Questions by Carlynn Wolfe

Who should come seeyou perform in Hawaii?

Dr.Dodgy'sIntergalactic Augmented Reality Circus is a show fit for all ages.Anyone who's hands are big enough to hold a smartphone or tablet willbe able to enjoy the show. But fear not, if you don't have a smartdevice the show can be enjoyed the old fashion way with your own twoeyes, or peaking over the shoulder of the person in front of you.

What is AugmentedReality?

Augmented Reality isan emerging technology that enhances real world experiences withcomputer generated 3d models and animations, like Pokemon GO, or SnapChat. Dr.Dodgy will be leveraging this technology to add to juggling,object manipulation and magic acts, allowing those with the app andan appropriate smart device to see things that ordinarily wouldn't bepossible, such as rocket ships, asteroids, and giant mechanizedwhales!

Where can wedownload the special app for your show?

The app,Dr.DodgysARCircus is free and available on both IOS(iPhone) andAndroid platforms, and can be downloaded from the GooglePlay Store orthe App Store. For direct links and more details visitwww.drdodgy.com The initial release is intended to be used with theDr.Dodgy show fliers for a special message from the doctor himself,while the official show app update will be released in the first weekof January. So check for updates and charge your battery beforecoming to the performance.

When did Dr. Dodgycome into our world?

Dr.Dodgy has been aproject slowly emerging over the last year and the Oahu fringeprovided the impetus to make it happen. Having a deadline lit a fireunder the project and got it off the ground. It's been an intense fewmonths of 3D modeling, animating, coding, script writing, musicselection, costume/ prop design, and act choreography that will allcome together the night of January 11th at 9pm.

Why Fringe?

The Fringe festivalis an excellent venue to try new things with, audiences that arethere to appreciate the arts and want to be entertained as well asexperience the unexpected. Dr.Dodgy will be doing just that, pushingthe bounds of my own performance experience and blending it withnewly developed skills in the world of augmented reality. Whateverhappens, it will be an out of this world show.


Andrew Towl is a former circus performer turned game designer and 3d animator. Looking for a way to blend his circus experience with his new found skills in animation he created this new experimental show to test the waters of the emerging world of Augmented Reality.



The ARTS at Marks Garage