Crow is a 5 minute reading from my latest book, A Woman Writing, and a fifteen minute dance performance where we become the crows. The piece was inspired by my watching two crows build a nest outside my window and then for the next weeks, work out how to share the responsibilities of relationship, of parenting, of life, much like in our own lives.

Buy Tickets: Jan 12 @ 6pm

Venue: Queen Emma Ballet Studio (not wheelchair accessible). 1317 Queen Emma St

Date/Time: Jan 12 @ 6pm

Duration: 30mins

Genre: Dance

Warnings: 15+

More info: Mary Lou Sanelli


Mary Lou Sanelli has earned a solid reputation in the literary and public-speaking community through a steady commitment to writing and through nearly thirty years of successful public readings and presentations. She has published three works of non-fiction, Among Friends (A Goodreads Notable title), Falling Awake and her latest, A Woman Writing. Her regular columns appear in Art Access magazine and Dance Teacher magazine. She has contributed to National Public Radio, The Star Advertiser, the Seattle Times, and many other publications and radio stations. She works as a literary speaker and is booked at regional and national conferences, fundraising events, and book events. Also a teacher of New York style Jazz Dance, she teaches Master Classes & workshops throughout the world. Her professional dance training and performance experience enables her to present with skills that surpass the average author reading.

Queen Emma Ballet Studio

Not Wheelchair Accessible