Your Name/Company: Linda Kuo / Dancers Unlimited.
Fringe Show you were in: Fringe 1 (provided space); Fringe 2 (provided space and performed).
Year of Show: 2012.
Your role: Director, Choreographer, and Dancer.

Please tell us a bit about your background and/or company you performed with at the Fringe?
I am the director of Dancers Unlimited (DU) and started the company in 2009 as a youth outreach program. Since then DU has become an international dance network, providing education and representation for dancers. DU is also a founding partner of Loading Zone Arts, which provides creative collaboration opportunities for Hawaii artists / dancers.

What inspires you on a personal as well as on an artistic level?
Personal as well as artistic – the “underground” dance styles and culture. The freedom of expression and creativity from the underground culture always drives me to think on a broader scale.

Personal – my family. I have parents, aunties and uncles who are all great business people as well as philanthropists.

Has the show you were in been taken to another Fringe or to another performing arts festival? Or what has happened to the show you were in?
No. The show we performed at Fringe is an adaptation of what we performed in Shanghai in 2010. We currently plan to revive the show in New York with NYCchoreographers and dancers next year.

Where are you now with your performance career?
Producer, Director, Choreographer, Dancer and talent agent in Hawaii, NYC, and in Shanghai.

What project(s) are you developing right now?
1. International Talent representation for Hawaii dancers through Chinese partnerships
2. National Dance Week Hawaii 2013
3. Operation Unite – taking the fight against cancer to the dance floor; nominated for The Industry Voice Award 2013 in Los Angeles
4. Essence of Hawaii China tour in August. Essence of Hawaii is a DU repertoire started in 2010 and has grown into a full scale production showcasing Hawaii’s contemporary music, art, dance, and fashion.
5. Essence of Hawaii preview at The Modern Honolulu on June 28th, 2013
6. Monthly Mixed Media Nights at Loading Zone Arts showcasing visual and performing arts in an intimate 4-hour setting

When and where can we see you perform?
Essence of Hawaii preview at The Modern Honolulu on June 28th, 2013; 7-9:30pm. Or in Shanghai!

What survival tips can you give to emerging as well as seasoned artists working in Hawai’i?
Be an artist who understands business as well. Be professional at all times. And most importantly, do not be a flake…and be ready to sacrifice a lot of sleep.

What resources can you recommend to look into for funding or to support each others work?
Trade. Sponsorships. Get a fiscal sponsor if you aren’t ready to be a non-profit.

How can people contact you for professional work or to collaborate with you on creating an amazing show?

Finally, if you were given a magic bag what three items would you like to pull out to create your ideal show with? How would you use those items? And what name will you give your show?
1. A credit card without a monetary limit.
2. The Beattles (well the bag is magic right).
3. Alexander McQueen (well again. The bag is magic and can bring people back to life). Credit card to pay for everything my heart desires for a world tour featuring 50 dancers of all genres to dance for The Beattles DANCE concert. Alexander McQueen would be the costume designer. Name of the show: THEMcQ YELLOW SUBMARINE TOUR presented by THE MAGIC BAG.