Think Fast Improv - Aaron Pughes
Fringe 5 Questions by Carlynn Wolfe

Who gets involved in Improv?
Anybody can get involved with improv, it’s easy to dip your toes at a drop in class, if you like it then come back. We’ve had students in various programs from 10 years old to 72, lawyers, chaplains, captains, lifeguards. Improv is where they can all come together and meet

What do you enjoy about Improv?
The diversity of people that come and discover they can understand and thrive in a class without having any prior experience

Where does Think Fast call home? Do you have a studio or performance space?
Our Tuesday and Thursday drop in classes are held at the Coop in Ward Warehouse. We also have monthly shows at Ong King and Jazz Minds until we find our own space to rent.

When does improv come in handy?
Every interaction we have throughout our day is improvised, there are few times you probably shouldn’t improvise, like when you count numbers, that wouldn’t work well.

Why Fringe it this year?
We had a great time with the other acts last year and had to do it again!

Bonus – How does “Yes and...” work?

“Yes” is the acceptance of the reality put before you, “and” adds to it and makes it more dynamic. When all players are doing it you can almost see a world being created around the players