What is your idea that is worth spreading? Well, if you are unsure, then please consider visiting TEDx Honolulu on March 28 and listen to 12 speakers who will share their thoughts on the concept of Paradigm Shift. To tell us more about this, Fringe sent out our 5W’s to the director of TEDx Honolulu, Genesis Leong.

When did you begin this journey with TEDx Honolulu?

TEDx Honolulu began in 2009 when License Holder Neenz Faleafine hosted the first TEDx Honolulu in Hawaii, it continued with License Holder & Lead Curator 2010-2012 George Carrol III, and now is currently lead by myself TEDx Honolulu License Holder & Lead Curator 2013-Present. My interest in highlighting Hawaii and building community has lead me on this journey in being a full-time volunteer for TEDx Honolulu.

Where is that special place you go to for inspirational help in putting together TEDx Honolulu?

The special place I go to for inspirational help in putting together this program is out into both the TEDx Honolulu community and local community. Every event we host is aimed to inspire others, which in addition inspires us every year.

What is inspiring about this year’s event?

This one-day event will be filled with thought-provoking speakers, intellectually curious audiences, hands-on activities and powerful new visions for creating a better world through the ongoing process of “Paradigm Shift.” We have 12 amazing speakers, 30+ supportive partners, 50+ dedicated volunteers, and an unlimited amount of “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

Who would benefit from listening to this year’s speakers?

Anyone within our Global Community.

Why is it important to go and see TEDx Honolulu?

There are numerous amounts of reasons on why it is important to go and see TEDx Honolulu. For example, if you are supportive of the people and ideas in Hawaii, interested in collaborating with like-minded people or are just interested in reconnecting with Hawaii, then TEDx Honolulu is for you.

How excited are you?

I’m extremely excited and extremely nervous at the same time, organizing events such as TEDx Honolulu and O’ahu Fringe Festival takes volunteer leaders who are willing and daring to take the risk.

Thank you.

To learn more about the speakers and to purchase tickets, please visit TEDx Honolulu.