There are so many good things in the world of art and one of them is seeing the new work of others. In this brief interview with Ms Lola Love we threw our 5W’s out and captured a little bit about her upcoming production Sweet Soiree, which is opening this week Dec 11 – Dec 20, 2014.

Where is that special place you go to for inspiration?
I’m inspired by so many things in life. Color, objects, feelings and just about anything. I generally move forward with the inspirations that give me that special tingle. The one that makes obsessing over it so simple. It’s like when you are shopping and you see something you love. You gasp and hold your breathe for a second. If you don’t buy it then you think about it for days.

When did you begin this journey of creating Sweet Soiree?

I have been wanting to create this show for years. I attempted a few years ago when I was still the director of Cherry Blossom Cabaret but due to our busy schedule I wasn’t able to. When I left CBC it was to focus on Neon Dreams and this production, 2 shows that had been simmering for a half year. When I went to New York to perform at the New York Burlesque Festival I watched Pippin. It was fantastic and they had the words projected on the screen so you could read along. I thought we should be singing along and in that moment I decided that my dessert show would be a sing a long.

Who is involved in this production?
It definitely takes a village. Marcus Lee (Assistant Director), James Mares (Musical Director), Cheyne Gallarde (Set Design), Mishy Le Fleur (Makeup), La Femme Rikita (Choreography) and Rose Wolfe (Costuming).

Cast: Foxy Knoxx, Lolli Anomaly, Dashing Dan, Stephanie Kong, Miss Catwings, Corinne de la Creme, Darla Duboir, la femme Rikita, So Cray Ray Ray and myself.

Why go and see Sweet Soiree?
Sweet Soirée is a magical place where desserts solve all problems. It’s a colorful place celebrating music, dance and burlesque. It’s also an innovative show. I researched sing a long plays or burlesque shows and I didn’t find a single production in my research. You will experience the first interactive theatrical burlesque sing-a-long.

What is amazing about this show?
The costuming by Rose Wolfe is spectacular. She definitely went above and beyond and they are each a work of art. The cast has done a really fantastic job at capturing the fun and whimsical script.

How excited are you for the upcoming premiere of Sweet Soiree?
I am so excited to share this production with everyone! It’s such a fun, silly and sexy show. I’m really grateful for my production team and cast for helping me bring it to life. I can’t wait to have an audience and have the entire theater singing some of my favorite karaoke songs.

Thank you.
O’ahu Fringe wishes everyone at Sweet Soiree a very successful season. To book a seat now, please go to Sweet Soiree Tickets. For more information, please visit Prettypeacock Productions.