L. Nicol Cabe (Giant Nerd Productions) - Tidal Surge

Fringe 5 Questions by Carlynn Wolfe

Who needs to see Tidal Surge?
Anyone who wonders about the future, or dreams about where we are headed. So, you know, everyone.

What inspires this work?
Climate change, and how it is already reshaping our interactions with the world. I’m a science fiction lover, and writer – imagining the world in the future is how I understand the world now.

Where do we go from here?
This isn’t where … we intended to be. We had it all … Sorry, got lost in song lyrics.

When did this work start?
Earlier this year! I had one solo performance that I was touring, and I wanted to start another one; after pondering what I wanted to write about for a month or two, this idea hit me.

Why Tidal Surge now?
Because humans have irrevocably changed the world – we are well into the Anthropocene. I want to start the discussion about how our culture will change in reaction to dealing with deserts appearing in the middle of the US, less farmable land, changes to the coastline, lots of displaced people, more diseases, and not enough food. All within the next century. 

We need to dream about it now, so we can be ready.

Bonus – How does participating in Fringe make a difference? Does it?
It makes a difference to me, because I can perform for audiences who may not otherwise be interested in a science fiction play.

See Nicol at NextDoor on Jan 12 - 14.