Dance movements in any form can be very intoxicating. This intoxication fills one’s soul and it can be a very spiritual and physical connection on many levels, that one cannot help but feel the rhythm. This connection binds you to a location of time and place; it invigorates you to move, to create a dance movement. And it is movement that brought together collaborators last month to work with Kēia Dance Movement (KDM) on their production, Sea Streets Sky. KDM’s first performance was presented by The Danny Kaleikini Foundation on July 11, 2014 at Kaka’ako Agora.

What is dance to you and how does it uplift your view on life?
Dance is an uplifting form of art and self-expression that utilizes the human body to express oneself in movement to music. Dance is healthy, fun, beautiful and beneficial in developing one’s self-confidence and creativity. KDM hopes to foster a greater awareness and appreciation for dance in Hawai’i by making it more accessible to the community and more visible in public spaces.

What motivated KDM to create Sea Streets Sky?
The environment of Hawai’i itself is what inspired KDM’s first production Sea Streets Sky. Our first piece titled Sea channeled the energy of the Pacific ocean and the graceful motions of its plants and critters. The second number titled Streets illustrated the urban setting of Honolulu, showcasing the effects of development, traffic and population growth on the community. Our final piece titled Sky channeled elements of Mother Nature in the mountains and the heavenly skies of Hawai’i.

Can you explain the meaning of Kēia and how does it fit into your creative philosophy?
Kēia in Hawaiian means “this, right here, in immediate proximity” and through this meaning, the goal of the movement is to acknowledge the importance of people celebrating shared spaces within our community. Dance is an art form that brings people together, and KDM encourages the community of Hawai’i to support it more.

Experimental and Site-Specific dance/theatre productions are produced in various art communities globally, but in Hawai’i, it may not be on the lips of the general public. Can you share your thoughts on how this production as a site-specific work utilizes the Kaka’ako Agora space?
Kaka’ako Agora and KDM are both new, experimental, arts-focused venues that aim to bring the community together through the arts. Kaka’ako Agora was the perfect location to feature KDM’s first production Sea Streets Sky in collaboration with The Danny Kaleikini Foundation. All three organizations support innovative outlets for our creative community and the people of Hawai’i. Together we were able to create an event that merged different types of art forms, which focused on dance and was augmented by live music, visual projections, lighting and the interior design of Agora.

Collaboration can be very fulfilling – what has the experience been like working with such an array of artists?
KDM consists of traditionally trained dancers, performance artists, composers, set designers, as well as non-traditionally trained dancers that are inspired by the creative explosion happening in Honolulu, but mutually acknowledge the lack of dance’s presence in Hawai’i’s contemporary arts movement. The diversity of KDM’s team has been a very fulfilling and creative collaboration. Working with such an array of artists allowed KDM to develop a unique multimedia production, blending different dance styles with visual projection, set lighting and a new composition by Anton Glamb for Sea Streets Sky.

What would someone watching Sea Streets Sky expect to feel and see?
Sea Streets Sky is open to interpretation and will differ from viewer to viewer. The KDM team wants its audience to simply experience a feeling of appreciation and awareness for the beauty and creativity that is dance.

Professionally, what are the next steps for KDM?
The success of KDM’s first production Sea Streets Sky has already opened the doors to new opportunities. ‘This right here’ is just the beginning of KDM’s presence in Hawai’i.

Thank You.
For more information on this dance movement please visit Kēia Dance Movement.

O’ahu Fringe Festival wishes Kēia Dance Movement all the very best with their journey.