IngeNude - Lola Love

Fringe 5 Questions by Carlynn Wolfe

Who should see your show?
Fun loving adults over the age of 18.

What is “ingenudity”?
All our students are IngeNudes....beautiful and ingenious women who share a little nudity. After all, a little bump ‘n grind never hurt anybody!

Where do you get your costume ideas?
EVERYWHERE! I love sparkly things and fun. Decorating people is fun. We choose a theme and GO!

When did Burlesque begin?
It is as old as Cave paintings or the Dance of the Seven Veils. Human have always expressed their sexuality in dance. We have been teaching at the Academy of Tease since 2010 – not only movement but the history of burlesque performance.

Why should I take Tease Training?
Because it is FUN. Fun and liberating. People are beautiful and should celebrate themselves.

Bonus – How do you DO THAT MOVE???
Love and respect yourself and you can do anything!

See IngeNude on Jan 12.