Very shortly the i9 Festival will kick off their event showcasing talent from overseas as well as some amazing local talent. There will also be some fringey talents so do watch out for their performances. More details, please visit i9 Festival.

Here is a special note from the i9 Festival.

The Isle 9 Collective from Europe is now here on Oʻahu, joining up with the Isle 9 Hawaii Collective of friends, contributors and sponsors, including Oʻahu Fringe Festival, to produce original, community run, not-for-profit events, happening on and between 19-26 of this month, known collectively as the Isle 9 Summit.

The March Equinox, falling this year on the 19th, is a time when Europe celebrates the arrival of spring. For those on Hawai'i, it also symbolises the end of the wetter season. The international and local Isle 9'rs will be celebrating the Equinox at this year's Summit, with a mix up of flash mob art shows, intimate outdoor light shows, family-fun activity meet-ups, live music, dance and other performances, culminating in a special evening on March 26 for everyone to enjoy together. By the end of the week, we will have visited many communities on Oʻahu, bringing the message that when it comes to events, #creativitydoesnthavetocost in environmental or financial terms and also, through conscious collaboration and education, #sustainableentertainment is possible!

By ordering a free invitation on this link, you will be informed in advance, by email, about Isle 9's March Equinox program 19-26 March. You will receive the coordinates of our whereabouts and be given clear instructions as to car pool groups, logistics and times. We look forward more than we can say to seeing as many of you as possible during this time. Mahalo! #letthewindcarryyou