This time last week the O’ahu Fringe Festival added a little step to its journey and became 5. Fringe 5 was beautifully blessed and we are forever grateful for all the support. Yes, we took OFF! Our opening act for Fringe 2017 was Mama Ensemble, which looked at being a new mama and the complexities and joy of raising a child. This I believe was a wonderful beginning.

Over the years of sharing, we have had so many fantastic memories, such as our wonderful audiences who took a risk by joining us on numerous fringey adventures. And on this creative platform many artists have shared their wonderful work and it is these extraordinary moments that will never go away. Indeed, the work that these artists and super volunteers do is simply, stunning! Behind these guys are the many supporters, both ‘ohana and friends, who help to uplift our community and showcase how important it is to simply, share. In this sharing a connection is made. Through our Fringe community we have made so many amazing connections both globally and locally. These relationships have helped us by sharing our work with the media and our kind sponsors, local businesses and of course, our community. Your generosity and giving to support these artists is immeasurable. Thank you!

Please do have a look at our Fringe 2017 Memories. You did make a difference!