Falling Up: Aerial Circus Kaka’ako – Dec 13, 2014

TONIGHT – yes, it is happening at Kaka’ako Agora. We look forward to seeing you at Falling Up: Aerial Circus Kaka’ako.

Your support tonight will help Fringe in a big way, but most importantly it is giving back to the host of this event, Shelley Simpson for sharing her precious life with us all.

Shelley is the epitome of living life. In 2013, while performing an aerial act routine, Shelley unfortunately fell. A devastating thing to happen, but luckily she survived the fall and has continued to live life fully. This event is a reflection of her love for life and her art form. The support shown to her by the community is a testimony to her character. Come and celebrate life with with us and see some amazing performances tonight.

Featured Performers:
Heather Booth (trapeze)
MissFortune & Dick Sunday (burlesque)
Laura Matsumoto (aerial silk)
Tara Lavery (lyra)
Angela Saucedo Warren & David Saucedo Eichelmann (acrobatics)
Megan Rhoden & Bridgette Sutton (lyra duet)
Azure (burlesque & trapeze)
Brooke Glaser & Jessica Miao (aerial champagne pouring)
Hunter Down (MC)
DJ Justin Beaverlake (sexy disco/electro cumbia) Gene Bennett

For more info and to buy tickets please visit Falling Up: Aerial Circus Kaka’ako.

Thank you for your support.