We are happy to announce that Cody Melcher will join us next year. We caught up with him after a slow period in his hectic schedule and fortunately for us he is still smiling.

You’ve got a deliciously attractive smile. How often do you smile?
Well, you’re far too kind for saying so. I think I laugh more than I smile? My resting face is more “concerned about groceries”.

Will you be smiling at the audience for Fringe 2015?
I hope so? The show is a mix of comedy and personal dramas. It’s going to be a rollercoaster, but I’m there with them, and I promise it will be safe and, ultimately, we can all get shaved ice or something after.

Please explain how all of these describe you: Comedian, Writer, Rhetor and Dork? And if push comes to shove which one would you pick of the wonderful words – C, W, R, or D?
Ooh, boy. Well, comedian and writer are somewhat obvious, I suppose. I’ve been a comedian for about 6-7 years now, and I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. This show combines a lot of both of those worlds together, even the sad parts. There’s more sadness in comedy than I think some realize. Rhetor has to do with not only my love of rhetoric, but also the way it plays such a large role in our day-to-day lives. We’re all just expressing ourselves to each other, just in different ways. And, honestly, I’m just a big ole goofball. If it came down to it, I’m a dork at heart, and that’s why I love the first three things. We’re all just trying to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

How are your plans going for joining us in Honolulu?
They’re going pretty well! I’m actually reworking a lot of the stories (and added some) from my last run of this show at the IndyFringe in Indianapolis. I hope you all enjoy it!

What will you be presenting at O’ahu Fringe?
I will be presenting my one-man show “Ghosts Are Frightening & Instructive”, and, I guess, myself.

As a creative artist, what stories do you prefer to tell?
I tell the stories that I have to tell because if I didn’t tell them, I’d feel like I was just storing too much. You know when something happens to you on the way to a party or friends’ house and you just have to tell everyone RIGHT when you get there?

Receiving constructive feedback from an audience member is always a pleasant thing. How does this affect the way you perceive your work when you hear such feedback and that it affected someone on a personal level?
I mean, really, that’s sort of all I’m doing here. As I said, we’re all just trying to reach each other, and if that actually happens? Wowzer!

You have been described as “ridiculously zesty” – this is interesting (maybe feisty could be added). How did this come by?
That was actually a review in the Chicago Tribune of my stage presence, and, well, I guess the audience will have to judge for themselves.

If the universe aligns above you what super show will you present next? Or is the universe aligned already for you?
I think the universe is constantly shifting. If it ever aligns, I don’t know if I’d even be aware enough to know it. I’m just working on doing what I love and loving what I do and giving the audience a show they want to be a part of.

Thank you.
Oh gosh, thank you!

O’ahu Fringe Festival wishes Cody Melcher all the very best with his performances at Fringe 2015.

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