Billy Bellew has been performing for a number of years in Hawai’i and the Fringe was fortunate to showcase his work at our festival. This weekend he will be doing one more performance before 2015 comes to an end at the Hawaii Magic Festival.

Briefly, what is your background as a performer?

For the past few years I have been mostly performing as one part of a juggling duo named Kinetic Flow. We specialize in acrobatic juggling and comedy; more typical circus art. Unfortunately, I was the only one available for this year’s magic show, so I will be performing solo. My solo material tends to be more serious in nature than our duo material, which people familiar with Kinetic Flow may notice.

What will you be performing at the Hawaii Magic Festival?

My performance is more variety entertainment than magic, however it has very close ties to magic through its heavy use of optical illusion and is very visual in nature. I will be demonstrating two forms of object manipulation (contact juggling and eight-ring manipulation), that are a bit of a middle-ground between what people think of as magic and juggling.

Is this your first appearance at the Hawaii Magic Festival?

The Hawaii Magic Festival actually contacted me before I was aware of them. They had become aware of my contact juggling a few years ago and asked if I would be willing to perform for their show. I happily agreed, and am glad that they have asked me to keep coming back to do some more.

How fascinating is the art of magic to you?

What fascinates me about the beauty of magic is the impact that the skill and expertise can have on the audience. The magician can spend hours practicing one skill, and when done well, the audience will see something completely different before their eyes. There’s something amazing about having the power to artificially create a perception that is even more amazing than the reality.

Thank you.

To learn more about Billy please visit Kinetic Flow. To find out more information about his performance please visit Hawaii Magic Festival.