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Fringe 2019 Artist Information Guide

Please read our Artist Information Guide before you apply to the Fringe. It is very important that you read the below, before you continue on to the application form. By continuing on to the application it is an indication that you have read and understood the Artist Information Guide.

Please note that Fringe will communicate only with the Primary Contact person as listed on the application form. This person will need to share all relevant information provided by the O’ahu Fringe with everyone in his or her production.

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Monday August 6, 2018

Applications Open

(first-come, first-served basis)

Friday November 9, 2018

Applications Close

(or when all slots are filled)

Late Application

We will accept late applications if space is available. With late applications you must provide all materials requested and pay fees in full for consideration.


Online ticket sales go live on December 10, 2018.

Tech Nights

January 7 –9, 2019

Time: 5pm – 11pm

Keep these dates and times free until your tech time is confirmed.

Fringe Season

January 10 – 13, 2019

Sun Jan 13th is for Family Friendly shows.

Meet & Greet

Thursday January 10, 2019 from 430pm – 530pm

Join us and meet other fringers and invited guests from our community.

Fringe Farewell

Saturday Jan 12, 2019 at 1030pm

Artist Website Deadline

Friday December 7, 2018

Please note: All productions must create a website for their show by December 7, 2018. Your website will need to include all necessary information such as press release, venue, cast, etc. Fringe will use the information on your site for the festival program. It is advisable to include a press kit for your show on your site, as this will assist with media queries. There are free online site builders that you can use. Please choose one that best suits your needs.

Photos: Please upload six photos of your show or photos that can be used to promote your show to your artist website. Include the names of people in photos and the name of the photographer. The photos must be of a high-resolution quality. Also consider adding videos, as they can be very helpful.


Online ticket sales go live on December 10, 2018.



Application Fees

For Acts Using Fringe Managed Venues

$200 Fringe fee + $300 venue fee = $500 total fee for productions performing three times

$175 Fringe fee + $200 venue fee = $375 total fee for productions performing two times

$150 Fringe fee + $100 venue fee = $250 total fee for productions performing one time


Hawaii Fringe Festival Circuit Discount

In association with Maui Fringe Theater Festival on the island of Maui, Oʻahu Fringe Festival will offer a 20% discount if your production is also accepted by the Maui Fringe for their 2019 season.

To learn more about Maui Fringe Theater Festival, please visit here.

Application Fee Payment Options

Credit Card

Payment will be processed at the time of your application. Credit Card transactions will be processed through PayPal.


We will only accept Checks from artists living in Hawaiʻi. Contact to set this up.Please Note: If your Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check does not clear, you are responsible for covering the costs of any fees associated with this inconvenience.



Artist Benefits

  • Participants will receive 100% of box office. Please allow up to three weeks for O’ahu Fringe to completely finish its administration business before your Check is mailed out to you.
  • The opportunity to be part of the O’ahu Fringe Festival and wow audiences in its 6th season.
  • A venue for your show.
  • Promotion via OFF website, program, flyers, posters, traditional media and through social media.
  • Full box office services through O‘ahu Fringe.
  • A tech operator to run lights and/or sound if your act is housed in an official Fringe venue. Please remember to keep your tech needs simple. (In special circumstances you may be able to use your own tech person. Please let us know in advance if you would like to use your tech operator).
  • Fringe Networking support with the arts community and beyond.
  • Fringe Artist Pass. The FAP entitles you to FREE entry to any show, pending space availability. You must wait until all paid audience members are seated, then you may take a seat that is available.

Artist Participation

It is highly recommended that you the artist perform in only one production. Fringe will not set the schedule based on artists involved in two shows or more.

Withdrawing from the Festival

We understand that sometimes the universe holds us from doing what we want, so yes we will refund your application fee upon receiving a request in writing to withdraw.

If you withdraw before December 1, 2018 we will return your application fee in full (minus $50 registration fee). After December 1 no refunds will be permitted. Before you contact us to cancel, please consider other options, for example, replacing someone that needs to leave, or modifying your show so it can go on. We really want you to be part of this wonderful occasion. It is our 6th season of fringing in Honolulu– join us and celebrate this wonderful milestone.

International Artists

If you are applying from outside the United States, O’ahu Fringe Festival is not able to sponsor artists who require a visa. To be part of our Fringe as an international artist, it is your sole responsibility to obtain the necessary documentation for visas and other information to work and gain income in the US. We will offer support where we can.

As a reference guide, please refer to the visa supplement link for International Participants kindly supplied by Hollywood Fringe. Please also consult a lawyer regarding visa application and also check the information provided on the following link

Accommodation – Out of Town Artists

Out of town artists must be able to pay their own way to Hawai’i and locate and pay for their own accommodation. The Fringe will make a call out for volunteers to house visiting artists, but please don’t rely on this.

Contact with Fringe

Please note that Fringe will communicate only with the Primary Contact person as listed on the application form. This person will need to share all relevant information provided by the O’ahu Fringe with everyone in his or her production.



There is a maximum possibility of doing three performances of your show. We will try our best to accommodate all requests for the number of performances you want as indicated on your application. Remember the sooner you apply, the better your chances are of securing all your performance slots. If we are unable to secure you a slot, you will have the option to do fewer performances or to rearrange your show as a SSV (Site-Specific Venue) production.

O’ahu Fringe Festival will endeavor to allot a “primetime” performance hour for all productions. No guarantees here, but we will try. “Primetime” for your production will depend on the nature of your production and will be at the full discretion of the Fringe.

We will announce your show date(s) and time(s) on December 7, 2018. Shows at Fringe Managed Venues will be allotted a time based on below schedule:

Thursday – 6pm, 730pm, 9pm, 1030pm

Friday – 6pm, 730pm, 9pm, 1030pm

Saturday – 6pm, 730pm, 9pm
, 1030pm

Sunday – 2pm, 330pm (Family Friendly shows only)

Show duration

Minimum – 30mins, Maximum – 60mins

Set up time – 20mins. 
Strike time – 10mins

Family Friendly Show Schedule

If your production is family friendly, please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for a family friendly slot.



January 7 – 9 2019

Time: 5pm – 11pm

Keep these dates and times free until your tech time is confirmed.

Remember, simple tech requirements are best. Lights on. Lights Off. Please keep in mind that our confirmed Fringe Venues will have basic technical options only with basic light and sound. Some venues will not have a full lighting grid. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your tech needs simple. With a number of shows sharing the same space, the venues will only have a minimal lighting plot, which will be shared by all acts with little to no specials. Each show will have one cue-to-cue set up in the venue during the tech dates listed above. Once the schedule is finalized for tech, you must be available to do your tech at your assigned time. Note, this time is not for running or rehearsing your show, it is for setting your tech needs only, cue-to-cue.

It is important that you keep all tech days outlined above free from conflict from 5pm-11pm until the tech schedule is set.

Please bring your own stage manager for your show, as one will not be provided. Also, keep in mind that if you would like to use your own Light/Sound Operator there may be an opportunity to do so. We will consider this once tech needs are finalized.


Why are strike and set up times so short? This is due to the number of shows involved in a short performance season. Fringe productions must be able to set up and strike quickly and efficiently, and so the artistic content of these productions cannot be reliant on elaborate lighting or sets. If you feel your show is unique in that it must have a super lighting plot or elaborate set design, please be advised that your show may not be suitable for the Fringe. You must keep to your strike and set up times. Remember, audiences also have their schedule that they need to keep to – please be considerate of their time as well.



Fringe Venues that we have used in the past typically seat around 50 patrons comfortably. Some venues have traditional seats and other venues have a combination of some traditional seats as well as floor seating. Our venues are also often alternative spaces without the benefit of advanced lighting and sound. We will attempt to house your show in the most appropriate Fringe Venue. If this is not feasible for whatever reason, please do consider using a non-traditional performance set up in the way of a Site Specific Venue.


The venues will not provide you with any props or a set. And they cannot store anything for you. Any props that you brought and used must be removed at the end of each performance. It is recommended that your set be as minimal as possible.




Online ticket sales will open on December 10, 2018.

Additional tickets can be purchased with cash or credit card at each venue on the night of the show. All seats are general admission. The venues will not take phone sales and/or reservations. Please do not call or list the venue for ticket purchases. Direct your fans to

Fringe Ticket Price 
$10 (plus fees) per show. Please print this price and online fees on your promotional materials.

Why are ticket prices set at $10 per show? 
The whole idea of setting an affordable ticket fee is to encourage audiences to fully participate and enjoy a night out at the Fringe, without having to think too much about pricing. Traditionally, you go and see one show in an evening, but with affordable tickets and Fringe venues in close proximity, audiences can go from one show to another and enjoy a wide range of performance art experiences in a single night.

Family Friendly Show Tickets

On Sunday only we will offer tickets for children under 12 years old at $8.00 for shows performing at 2pm or 330pm.

Fringe Pass

We will once again offer a Fringe Pass to our audience members. More details will be available closer to the Fringe 2019 season.

Complimentary Tickets

Please note that Fringe will provide our major donors and members of the press with complimentary tickets to see your show. We may also enlist Fringe Pass give-aways to promote the festival through our marketing campaign leading up to Fringe 2019 season.

Additional complimentary ticket give-away by you or your company is at your discretion, but it is advisable to keep this to a limited number. Giving out too many comps will not generate any income for you to cover your costs. Instead, excite your potential audiences and supporters so they will be happy to support you by paying for a ticket to see your wonderful show.

We will require a “comp” list of specific people you will allow into your show for free to be submitted to us by December 24, 2018.

Out of responsibility to the venues and due to legal issues, all “comped” audience members still need to be accounted for, especially because Fringe venues are frequently small and have set capacities. Therefore, for ticketing purposes, we must know about your “comps” well in advance.

Late Seating

Late entry will be granted at an appropriate time and only if it does not interrupt the show.

Audience Refunds

If you cancel your show and tickets were purchased, you as the artist or company will make a full refund to the ticket holder and / or pay for any fees associated with the cancellation of your show to the O’ahu Fringe Festival.



Yes, we all need to promote. O’ahu Fringe Festival will promote the festival as a whole, and you will need to promote your show. We’re a team and together we’ll involve Hawai’i residents, visitors, artists and our supportive audiences, and bring them to our Fringe. With all your marketing, whether it is online or on printed materials, you must include the O’ahu Fringe logo – this will be sent to you at a later date. And if you do get a radio, TV, or other promo slot, please mention O’ahu Fringe, where it’s happening, and don’t forget to highlight your performance dates and times.

If you are new to the Honolulu area, or even if you are local and need guidance, please contact us and we can advise you on how to get your show’s title and image out there. We’ll help get you started. Don’t forget to include where tickets can be purchased online at or at the venue on the night of the performance. Include the venue’s address on your promo materials.

Below are some points to consider for your marketing campaign:

Press Kit – This includes a press release, photos, a blurb and other relevant info. Add the press kit to your website. This is where the media will retrieve more information on your show. But don’t forget you must still promote your show, so please keep your press kit handy and current. For info on how to create a press kit, please do an online search, as there are many sites that offer examples on creating one.

Ads – If your budget allows for it, place an ad in your local rag, in an online travel mag, on an arts website, or on another site you regularly follow. Find a site that is perhaps relevant to your show. 

Media Interviews – If you know someone in the media, contact them.

Social Media – Use it as it can potentially reach many in a few seconds.

Flyers/Posters – Create flyers, which are easy to handle. Give them to people. If you have the money, create a large, vibrant poster, but keep it simple. Highlight your dates.

Image – Yes, one image can sell your show to an audience. Make it count.

Self-Distribution/Show & Tell – Get out there and promote your show at various events leading up to the Fringe. Pass out flyers at local theatres or other performance events, but please call first for permission if you have any doubts about how you will be received. We do not want to annoy potential supporters, so please ask first.

Website – Please note that you must create a website for your production. There a number of free site builders online and are easy to use. The information you provide will make it easy for Fringe to access as well as for media and your potential audiences. Your website must be online by December 7.

Word of Mouth – This is the big one. People talk. Contact your networks via email or call and chat with them – sell them your show.

Show Programs

Another tool to use in promoting your show, but please keep this simple. It is very useful to include “thank you” and list sponsors. People will take your program with them after your show and they may pass it on to others, thereby further promoting your act.

O’ahu Fringe Festival Program – All Fringe acts will receive a space for a blurb and photo in the Fringe Festival Program. If your budget allows for it, consider placing an additional paid ad in our OFF program as well. Please let us know and we will send you the Ad size options. Programs will be printed in black and white.

Remember, the best way to promote and pull in a crowd is to give your audience a memorable show. Make them come back for more and send others to see you. Word of mouth is very powerful. And if you have any other ideas on promotion – pass them on to your fellow Fringey Participants. They will appreciate it. We encourage you to network with your fellow Fringe participants via our Facebook page and through other media. Spread the word about your amazing show!



Please make sure that you correctly provide us with your contact details and mailing address. And by all means contact us if you do not receive a confirmation email from O’ahu Fringe Festival within 7 days of sending in your application. Email us at

The person completing the application form must be the designated primary contact person and will need to share information from O’ahu Fringe with everyone involved in his or her production. Fringe will only communicate with this contact person due to the number of queries we will receive.

The O’ahu Fringe Festival team will endeavor to answer your questions in a timely manner. However, as an all-volunteer team, we may not be able to reply immediately. Please be patient and know that we will do so as soon as possible.


By ticking the box ‘I Agree’ on your online application form, you confirm that: 

- You understand that O'ahu Fringe may make changes to these TERMS to better serve you and the Fringe.

- You have read the Artist Information.

- You agree, accept, and will comply with the information contained in the Fringe Managed Venue Artist Information.

- You have acquired all the necessary permits you need to present your show at Fringe.

- You legally are representing your show and everyone attached to it.

- You give Oʻahu Fringe Festival permission to take pictures of you during your show and in other related Fringe activities for promotional purposes.

- You give O'ahu Fringe Festival permission to use the information you submitted for marketing and promotion of your show and for the promotion of Fringe.

- You will promote your show to the best of your ability.

- You will do everything required in good conduct to put on your show at the O’ahu Fringe Festival.

- You understand that if you pull out / terminate your show; Fringe will keep your participation fee.

- You are responsible for paying taxes from income earned.

- You will not break any law.

- You will not hold O’ahu Fringe Festival liable for anything.

- You are in Hawai’i, please enjoy your time here responsibly and you’ll be fine.


O’ahu Fringe Festival reserves the right to change or modify the Artist Information without notification so we can best serve you. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you. We look forward to receiving your application. Fringe 2019 is here and will blast OFF this coming January. Join us and help to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Go Fringe!



When you are ready please proceed to the Fringe Managed Venue application.