Please note that our 2019 application is now closed. The below information can be used for reference only.

Fringe 2019 Application Info

Aloha. Thank you for joining us for our Fringe 2019. This will be our 6th year and we are very excited to continue on this fringey journey! Please note that we have two sections for you to consider when applying. You must choose one. You can either perform in a Fringe Managed Venue or perform in a Site Specific Venue. Please read our Artist Information Guide links below before you apply to the Fringe. It is very important that you read the below, before you continue on to the application form.

Artist Information Guide - Fringe Managed Venue (after reading this link, then you fill out the application).

Artist Information Guide - Site Specific Venue (after reading this link, then you fill out the application).

By continuing on to the application it is an indication that you have read and understood the Artist Information Guide.

Please note -when you are done with reading the below information plus the Artist Information Guide and completed your application, please return here to pay your application fee. Depending on which option you have applied under, please double check the fees that you will pay. Fees can be located in the Artist Information Guide. Press Buy Now with PayPal.

Fringe Managed Venue or Site Specific Venue

A Fringe Managed Venue is a performance space that is secured by O’ahu Fringe Festival to present shows in. Fringe will provide box office staff, technical support and will schedule acts into these venues.

A Site Specific Venue (SSV) is a performance location that the artist or production company must find on their own. A SSV can be any venue you desire and do consider non traditional venues - you venue could be in a hotel room, bus stop, library, outdoors, living room, hall way, attic, phone booth, street corner, car park, beach, cafes, warehouse, in a vehicle or any location that you feel will make a great SSV. An example can be viewed here with the work of Spatial Sculptors at Fringe 2015.

As a Site Specific Venue production please remember that you are solely responsible for securing all the necessary permission to use your chosen venue to perform in. This takes a bit more effort, but the challenges and learning curve can be rewarding for you and your audience.

Please make sure you read the Artist Information Guide above of your choosing before you apply.
 Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application.

Fringe Venue Managed Show

Mister Sister Mixer Fixer show entertaining the audience at Ong King, Fringe 2013.

Site Specific Venue Show

Spatial Sculptors getting ready for their show at The Dragon Upstairs, Fringe 2015.

A Site Specific performance by Spatial Sculptors