Entertainer Ed Chevy who is Deaf brings a pure visual and sign language musical show. His one man show lifts ASL to a living art.

Buy Tickets: Jan 12 @ 730pm

Venue: NextDoor. 43 Hotel Street

Date/Time: Jan 12 @ 730pm

Duration: 50mins

Genre: American Sign Language (ASL) Rock Music

Warnings: 5+

More info: Ed Chevy

Fringe Questions

The Man from A.S.L - Ed Chevy

Fringe Questions by Carlynn Wolfe

Who inspires you?

My dad! He was the man for all the reasons. He taught me to be positive, to help others and have a sense of humor.

What is the most fun thing about being deaf in a hearing society?

In spite of my hearing loss, I realized that using gestural language was most effective ways to bring hearing folks together. Why? Because it is considered a natural language. Not to be confused with pantomime. Gesture is a human form of natural body language when comes to communication.

Where did the name "Chevy" come from?

It came from outer space especially when comes to theater inspiration. they told me that I looked like a 1957 chevy because of the way I moved. Like a cruiser or something. Also, it has a rhythm.

When did you first perform?

1969. In Berkeley, California.

Why Fringe?

Jeff Gere encouraged me to open up my spandau employing sign language to get across The Fringe. When he saw me performed, he mentioned that sign language made him become a person he wanted to express on stage freely. He said Fringe would be a good start to open up a whole new world and to give new insights in regards to the sign language.


Ed Chevy from Honolulu is known as THE MAN FROM A.S.L. He had a remarkable and illustrious career as a Deaf artist, lifting musical ASL to a living art. He is also a member of the Deaf rock band, BEETHOVEN'S NIGHTMARE as a bass player and composer. He is very active in the Hawaii Deaf and Hard of Hearing community for many years.