At Fringe 2015 the dynamic duo of Marcia Zina Mager and Lucie Lynchdebuted their wonderful musical comedy, Money Talks: But What The Hell Is It Saying? They continue to showcase their production and have plans for more performances later this year. Their next upcoming performance will be on August 29. This free event is a fundraiser for the Windward Unity Church in Kane’ohe, 10 AM, followed by a one-hour workshop inspired by the show’s provocative themes. Only 40 seats available – call to reserve at 808 330 5555.

In September Friday 25 at 7pm they will perform in another fundraiser at Calvary by the Sea in Aina Haina (love donation). In this short interview they share with us a little about their show.

What inspired the making of Money Talks: But What The Hell Is It Saying?
We directly answer this exact question in the show itself. But let’s just say that feeling like failures completely inspired this show – and we are profoundly grateful to the person that triggered those feelings in us!

Can you talk a little more about these feelings of failure and the person who triggered them?
Well, once again, we address this in the show. One of the beautiful aspects of the show that audiences seem to really love is our honesty. The person who triggered the feelings was really just giving us his feedback and opinion about our original Broadway script. He was from Los Angeles, a professional composer. As artists, receiving feedback can be a tricky thing and it’s not uncommon to be ultra-sensitive to comments. In the spirit of that, we were highly ultra-sensitive, feeling bummed out, depressed, and everything in between. We actually stopped writing for a while because of it. But the wonderful, wonderful aspect of those kind of challenges is that it can spark, inspire, and push you to the next level. Which is exactly what it did. So we will always always be deeply appreciative and grateful to this man for everything he said to us.

Where has Money Talks been performed and can you please explain the impact it had on the audience?
We’ve performed for a hundred hard core recovering drug addicts at Habilitat. Broke box office records at The Arts at Marks Garage as part of the 2015 Oahu Fringe Festival. Performed to a packed house at Wards Rafters. And most recently to a full chapel at Unity Church Hawaii. All performances brought standing ovations – and audience responses such as “Moved to tears,” “Revealingly tender & brazenly funny,” “Spectacular! Loved every word! Left the theatre with a rich heart!” Whether it was well educated men and women, teenagers, multi-millionaires, or the unemployed, everyone seems to just love this show because we address and explore the issue of inherent worthiness.

When was that moment that you both felt that “yes” this show works and is making a connection with the audience?
From the very first performance at Habilitat – a crowd of mostly men, all locals, low income, minimally educated – we had no idea what to expect – but when they leapt to their feet shouting and applauding, and shared comments like “now I know where I want to go in my life…” we knew that this was a powerful show with a powerful message.

Why is art a good medium to explore real life situations?
It gives you the freedom to express every emotion, every feeling – to go as big or as little as you want – to play with, and have fun with, creatively, very important questions about life.

How happy are you both at the success of Money Talks?
We are, of course, thrilled at how audiences of all ages and backgrounds respond. But we are also, of course, very impatient, because we want absolutely everyone to see this show. So if anyone knows of any organizations or venues – theatres, schools, churches, businesses, etc. – it makes a great fundraiser event – let us know!!!!

Thank you.
O’ahu Fringe Festival wishes Marcia and Lucie much success. Book your seat now as there are only 40 seats available! To find out more information regarding their show, please visit their site.