What is Fringe 5 in 50?

In recognition of reaching our 5th year we are highlighting the number 5!
And we kindly ask for your support.

Your kind contribution of $5 will greatly benefit our Fringe as we attempt to raise money in 50 days. Yes, in the next 50 days we are looking for 500 people to donate $5 dollars each, which will support our amazing artists at Fringe 5. With your help we will be able to do this! Letʻs make this happen!!

Hereʻs how it goes: 500 peeps x $5 in 50 days. Simply donate $5. That is it.
By the way...click the video below or this link.

Your generous donations can be made here.
and YOU are very much appreciated. See you at Fringe 5!

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