Bonnie Kim - The Boy Who Loved Puppets

Fringe 5 Questions by Carlynn Wolfe

Who should see your show?
It’s a family show. From my experiences of sharing this show in different places for different ages, everyone no matter what ages likes and gravitates to various parts of the show, but they all find something they like from the show. If it were to be done for school shows, the targeted audiences are ages 7 and up for the story.

What do you like best about performing for young audiences?
I love their unprejudiced attitude about seeing shows. I love them for their forgiving and honest feedback—they will let you know if they like the show or not in some ways during and after the show. I love performing for young audiences for their open mindedness to let their imagination go wild and free.

Where is your favorite place to perform?
Anywhere enthusiastic and welcoming audiences are, I’m there! I’ve done performances all over the places—on the streets in all kinds of weather condition, theaters, libraries, schools, cafeterias, cafes, community centers, living rooms and more. But no matter where it is and how big/small the audiences are, the enthusiastic and welcoming audiences make a world of difference.

When do you know the story is ready?
When it feels right I think. I feel that with performances, it’s always evolving and growing in some way.

Why puppets?
I love the magical quality of puppets. They are merely inanimate objects by themselves. But when puppeteers bring them to life, they have special power to capture the audiences and tell the stories.

Bonus – How do you like your coffee?
Creamy and sweet!!

See Bonnie's show on January 13.